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“And Adam knew Eve, his wife” and she bore a son. That’s how it all started. It began in a very interesting way. Adam knew Eve and the byproduct of that knowledge was a whole new being. When I was a young man, I was interested in ‘knowing’ as many women as I could get into my bed. Baby, whatever it took, that's what I did. I just loved to chase panties and get them off of that girl. Didn't matter what color the panties were, what style, whatever – just so long as they were panties. This ‘knowing’ stuff was pretty good – it was all about studying women. Kind of reminds me of fishing, you know: learn the habitat, study their habits, monitor the conditions and how they behave in those conditions, throw out the proper bait, and WHAM, you've got a strike. Reel it in by keeping the line taut. Not too fast or you'll lose it! Gently net the lovely creature, and you've got the evening meal. Life was good. But then, I got married and grew up to be a man.

It is a new creation – the two of you.

In growing, I found that something was missing in me. It was something that I yearned for, something that I thirsted for, something that I desperately needed. It was something I observed that solid marriages had, and poor marriages missed. It was something that made two become one. It was something that linked, formed, developed and completed the couple. Adam knew Eve. I finally found it. This knowing wasn’t (solely) about sex. No, it was so much more. The knowing was intimacy. It didn't happen overnight, this intimacy. It has taken years. It has taken pain, and it has taken risk – the risk to be open and to be hurt. The risk to reveal who you really are to that special someone, and to watch the reaction. I have come to learn that intimacy is knowing your mate, then positively responding to that knowledge. We are all different. We are all very complex creatures. There are no two people who are the same. That is what makes us so interesting. In addition to the permutation of the genetic structure that forms us, our personalities also embody the sum total of our experiences after we are born. That's who we are. And how wonderful it is to have that special someone that you are linked to – someone so different from you, yet alike, too – someone you have the rest of your life to explore, and to know. The byproduct of this knowing is equally wonderful. It is a new creation – the two of you.

Beautifully Stated

That was beautifully stated and very, very true. My husband and I always had a good marriage, but it was not until I was willing to take the step toward total honesty about who I really was, that our relationship evolved to the place where I felt we were truly "one." And you're right--it IS scary to feel that vulnerable. To know that the other person just might possibly think your deepest self is "weird" and not be able to meet those secret needs. Finding out that my husband was willing and able to enthusiastically and lovingly meet the needs I finally expressed has been humbling and magnificant!


Maturity. It's a good thing. Thanks for sharing the advanced features of your fishing gear. You must be working with sonar now to have plumbed so deep. Good to know that men appreciate intimacy as much as women do.